Social media management and online advertising The Brentwood Realtor


Our collaboration with Peter Garland-Collins aka “The Brentwood Realtor” goes beyond traditional social media management. It's a holistic digital strategy that encompasses video content, social media optimisation, brand elevation and targeted advertising.

Our strategy is multifaceted aimed at enhancing Peter’s online presence, lead conversion and overall brand.


Social Media Management

We actively manage Peter's social media accounts for strategic online optimisation, focussing on boosting engagement, fostering connections and driving leads. We generate relevant content for consistent posting and use data-driven analytics to help him stand out in the competitive real estate market.

Brand Elevation

Our aim is to position Peter as the "go-to" estate agent in Brentwood, hence "The Brentwood Realtor" handle. We are taking a comprehensive brand elevation approach, aligning with local values for a strong connection with Peter’s audience.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

We are spearheading strategic paid advertising using targeted, data-driven initiatives to maximise Peter’s visibility and engagement during key property market periods.

Together, we're not just navigating the digital landscape but reshaping it to position Peter as a leader in the local real estate market.